Outsourcing – banish the fear and begin a brave, new business journey.

Outsourcing – banish the fear and begin a brave, new business journey.

Outsourcing has been popular since the early 2000s and has gained a reputation as a highly efficient way to grow your business. The growth of the Virtual Assistant industry has meant it is easier than ever to outsource. Owners and managers will tell you that you can outsource virtually any task that will better your business.

That being said, the truth is that many business owners are reluctant to delegate important tasks to someone they hardly know and who is not located on site.

Here are some of their common fears with suggestions to conquer them and begin a new business journey.

  • “I will lose control”

You know your business inside out and are aware of what is going on in all areas, but this takes valuable time away from areas only you can deal with.

Banish the fear: There are various online tools such as Asana and Evernote where channels of communication can be set up. You can then check progress and quality of work regularly and set tasks to be completed. Keeping lines of communication open and having regular check-ins will also help you keep tabs on what is happening.

  • “Nobody will care about my business as much as I do”

You started out in business with a passion and it’s understandable that you don’t want to let someone else in to help. However, you can let go of the tedious but necessary tasks you feel no passion for.

Banish the fear: Research and get to know your Virtual Assistant. Do they have similar values and goals as you? Will the partnership be mutually beneficial? Read testimonials and speak to other people who have used their services.

  • “It is quicker to do it myself”

This will probably be true to begin with as you will have developed ways of working that save time and are efficient. Tell the Virtual Assistant your methods, but allow for them to have their own way of working as long as it achieves the task to your standard.

Banish the fear: Your Virtual Assistant will get to know your business and you. They will become intuitive to what you need and consultation time will decrease as time goes on.

  • “Tasks won’t be done on time”

Are tasks always completed on time when you have to do everything? This fear is related to losing control and you need a certain level of trust between yourself and your Virtual Assistant.

Banish the fear: Communicate and have regular check-ins. Ask for regular progress reports and be included in any emails sent from or to the Virtual Assistant.

These fears are understandable, but in today’s world of near-instant communication, outsourcing is more viable and beneficial than ever. So banish these common fears, create a strong team and start your brave, new business journey today!