Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Freya Henderson, formerly a teacher for 25 years, now a virtual assistant!

My family returned to Orkney when I was eleven years old and, apart from time spent at college in Edinburgh, I have been here ever since. Having lived in Orkney nearly all my life, I understand the challenges and rewards of living and working in an island community. The seasons and changeable weather often dictate when work has to be done. Family commitments must be honoured. This means that time consuming, yet essential, admin tasks are left until later, creating all manner of bottlenecks and bother that obstruct you from getting on with your main job. This is where I can help you. Bringing order to chaos I find both enjoyable and rewarding!

A business can only thrive by offering high standards, from initial customer contact to final transaction. I aim to provide such a service to your business. My abilities will complement yours, to the benefit of both you and your clients.

Throughout my working life I have been highly organised, adept at multi-tasking and used to working to a tight schedule. I have a variety of skills including word processing, reporting programs, data handling, time management and communication, as well as proofreading, researching, collating of information, report writing, record keeping and evaluating resources. I understand the importance of confidentiality and data protection.

I am also confident in dealing with public speaking at large meetings or events.

These are the things I know I can do, but should you wish me to tackle other tasks, like taking minutes at meetings, presentations on behalf of your company, etc please get in touch.