Does this sound like you? (Strange question when this is meant to be a page about me!)

“I just wish I had the time! I’ve got behind with my paperwork and can’t get caught up. I’m missing family events because I have to get it done. It just keeps piling up and I’m feeling overwhelmed. If I could sort the backlog, I’d be able to keep on top of it. I need to get it organised so I can get my weekends back.”

Virtual Office Orkney helps busy business owners get their paperwork done so they have time to do something else.

With 25 years experience in teaching I’ve become highly organised, adept at multi-tasking and used to working to a tight schedule. I have a variety of skills including word processing, reporting programs, data handling, time management and communication, as well as proofreading, researching, collating of information, report writing, record keeping and evaluating resources. I understand the importance of confidentiality and data protection.

Do you have a cardboard box where you chuck all your business receipts? I’ll happily take that box and organise everything into a neat folder.

Is your email inbox bursting at the seams? I can sort through your inbox, unsubscribing and filing as I go.

Bringing order to chaos is what I enjoy!

To find out a bit more about my business please visit my blog.

What do my customers say?

“My ‘business’ isn’t really a business; it’s a ‘side-hustle’.  I have a very demanding full-time job as a teacher, and the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is financial admin for my side-hustle!  It’s great to be able to just throw all the relevant paperwork into a box, which I hand over to Freya a couple of times a year.  Within a day or two, she’s got it sorted out and filed for me, entries made in a spreadsheet, and questions identified; I can take her work and hand it straight to the accountant at the year-end.  I highly recommend her services, for speed and efficiency, but most of all for the peace of mind.” Air b&b owner.

“Freya is calm, trustworthy and reliable. A client can be confident that she will deal with their information in a secure, professional manner. She will complete the process to the best of her ability. If there is an area new to her skills she will investigate and learn what is required to undertake the task well. She is conscientious and has great people skills which she combines with honest modesty. She is not afraid of a challenge and has many years of experience dealing with a wide scope of tasks in a very challenging environment.” Software developer.

“Running a small business can be overwhelming. Dealing with clients, staff and project management takes all available time and administration tasks are often relegated to evenings or the weekend, which should be time to rest and reflect. Then I met Freya, Orkney’s first virtual assistant, who contacted me to have a website built for her business. We stayed in touch and gradually I realised I really needed help as overwhelm was becoming a huge problem. Freya completely sorted out my inboxes, started taking care of invoicing and now does all bank reconciliations so we’re always up to date for the accountant come VAT return time. This is a huge weight off my shoulders! Freya is reliable, responsive, proactive, professional and trustworthy and I can’t recommend her services enough if you too are feeling overwhelmed running your business. Just get in touch with Freya, you can thank me later :-)” Johanna Pieterman, Orcadia Design Ltd.



If you “wish you had the time”, please get in touch.