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Inbox Detox – how does that work?

Inbox Detox – how does that work?

My Inbox Detox package is great if you want to clear out your inbox and stay on top of email in the future. It might seem like a lot of work to set up, but it IS worth it for the time it will save you in the future.

So, what’s in the package?

There are 4 steps to getting this working.

1. Introductory call

During the call we will discuss

  • how you’d like your inbox to look; you may have specific ideas, or I can suggest what’s worked for other people
  • the kinds of folders / labels that would be most useful for the way you work
  • if you’d like rules / filters to help with semi-automatic filing
  • emails to be archived, and how you’d like this done
  • login details

You can give me access to your emails either by sharing your login details or by granting delegate access. If you want to delegate access to me, we can set this up during the call or you can use my step-by-step guide to do this at another time that suits you.

2. Detox

During the detox I will

  • Create Folders / Labels

Once I have access to your inbox, folders / labels can be created according to what we discussed in the introductory call.

  • Sort existing emails into their new folders / labels

Having created the folders / labels I’ll sort your emails into their new folders. Any emails that don’t seem to fit anywhere will be filed into a folder to be reviewed by you later.

  • Create rules / filters for incoming emails

If you like the idea of semi-automatic filing, I’ll set these up according to how you’d prefer your inbox to work, as discussed in our introductory call.

  • Archive old emails starting from an agreed date

Most email systems have an ‘Archive’. Older emails can all go into this, or I can create folders for individual years.

  • Add any missed events / meetings to your calendar

If I come across any events or meetings that have somehow been missed, I can add these to your calendar for you.

3. Progress call

After the initial sorting is done, we’ll have a call to see if you’re happy with what I’ve done so far and to discuss any changes you’d like. I’ll revise what I’ve done and continue to file and sort your emails.

4. Sign Out

Once you’re happy with your newly organised inbox, I’ll sign out and delete your login details from my system (you should change your password at that point too). If I was a delegate, you should revoke my delegate access. We can do this together during a call or you can use my step-by-step guide.

If you really don’t like the system at some future date, I can easily undo everything and reset your inbox to how it was before the detox. This will be charged at my usual hourly rate.

(P.S. Nobody has ever asked me to undo it all!)

Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash