Should I outsource email management?

Should I outsource email management?

How much time do you spend checking and responding to email every day? If you are always connected to your email you probably think ‘inbox zero’ is not possible for you as there is a constant stream of emails flooding in. It could be time to outsource email management.

A 2019 Adobe study suggests that the average worker spends around four hours a day checking emails. I suspect it is far more than that if you are a small business owner. Four hours a day may not sound like much but this equates to almost a full working day each week!

Here are a few pointers to help you decide if outsourcing email management is right for you.

Your Inbox Is A Chaotic Mess

If you get lots of emails every day it is easy for your inbox to become disorganised. Important emails get lost in the crowd and you can miss messages and opportunities. Not everyone will send a follow-up email if you don’t respond to their first one.

Having somebody to sort through your inbox and flag important messages will mean you don’t miss those types of message and give you peace of mind.

You Pay A Lot of Invoices

When you get lots of receipts from invoices you’ve paid, your inbox can become crowded. These emails don’t need a response but they need to be kept for your records. When you finally get a chance to sort through them for reference it can be daunting to know where to begin.

Having someone to file these emails as they come in will keep your inbox clearer so you can find the emails that do require a response.

You Get A Lot Of Spam

Everybody hates spam! If you are one of the unfortunates who gets loads of spam it can be draining on your time just deleting without even opening them. It may seem like only a few minutes of your time but this adds up and time is money!

Having someone who can take this chore off your hands will save you time and mean you can get on with earning money.

So, What Can An Email Manager Do For You

  • Organise a chaotic and cluttered inbox
  • File important messages in specific email folders so they can be recovered easily when you need them
  • Get rid of spam emails
  • Send and respond to messages on your behalf
  • Unsubscribe you from unwanted email lists
  • Provide you with a regular report of important messages that need your attention

Gain Back Time: Outsource Email Management

You don’t have to hand over complete control of your inbox but having someone to filter your messages for you will give you more time in your week. Just think what you could achieve!

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