Document management and archiving

Gordon Foster has been providing professional Document Management & Archiving Consultancy Services for over twenty years.

As a specialist consultant Gordon provides professional services to a wide variety of businesses, organisations, government entities and other leading public & private sector companies.

Both Freya and Gordon see a direct synergy between their individual specialisms which complement each other’s company and service offering.

A “Memorandum of Understanding” has therefore been established between both companies to assist each other accomplish mutually beneficial objectives and to promote and deliver jointly, professional Document Management and Archiving Services & Solutions to businesses and other entities primarily but not limited to the Orkney region.

Companies who potentially require our services are organisations who are very “paper heavy” in their working practices. 

These companies generate lots of physical paper records and files which have accumulated over time and are normally kept and stored in non-appropriate conditions which can take up both valuable office and other costly space. 

Companies who have large paper archives normally find the following issues & frustrations:

  • Running out of storage space
  • Don’t know what to keep and for how long
  • Risk & Compliance Issues – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Lost documents and files
  • Can’t find what they are looking for
  • In a mess and don’t know where to start

How can we help?


We undertake physical on-site archiving projects whereby we go on-site to a client’s premises, find a mountain of physical files and other paper records (a chaotic mess), active or otherwise, gathered over a long period of time and go about ‘weeding’ the ‘must keep’ from the ‘rubbish’ and archiving & cataloguing accordingly.  The ‘must keep’ is recorded and registered on an appropriate system for ongoing storage, file management, retrieval and timely disposal.  The ‘rubbish’ is disposed of through a secure document destruction process, normally certified shredding.


We assist companies who wish to start scanning their paper business records and are unsure on how to go about this. 

Whether you have just a few files or an entire archive containing thousands of paper documents, by bringing our expertise and equipment directly to you, we can scan documents efficiently and economically on-site at your premises.
Scanning documents on-site eliminates any confidentiality concerns about business records leaving your company’s premises. 

In addition, it removes any unnecessary transportation or handling costs normally incurred by outsourcing such work to an off-site service provider.

Document Scanning has a lot to offer and much to recommend it:

  • Peace of mind – Electronic documents are much easier to locate, manage and update, and being stored in just one location ensures the correct version is always in use.
  • Reduce risk – In the event of a legal case or GDPR information request, how long would it take you to locate and retrieve all paper records relating to a particular subject, case or request?
  • Agile working and efficiency – Electronic documents are easy to search and are accessible wherever you are.
  • Vital record protection – Paper records and documents can be lost, damaged or inadvertently destroyed.  Such problems are eliminated with electronic records.
  • An effective ‘Disaster Recovery’ solution in the event of a physical disaster happening at your premises.

The GDPR does not only apply to digital or new data created after the 25th of May 2018 but to all your existing data in all of its forms.  Of greatest concern are your physical documents which you may have in various places within your offices or possibly even at off-site locations or archives. All of this information needs to be categorised and analysed if you are to be able to adhere to the GDPR regulations regarding an individual’s data.  Digitising this existing information and categorising and storing it in an easily accessible way are possibly going to be an organisations biggest challenges.

So, is your business GDPR ready?

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