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Do you have a box bursting full of receipts?

Do you have a box bursting full of receipts?

My Receipt Sorting Service could help…

I need to point out that this service can only be provided to people who live on the Orkney Mainland because it involves collecting and returning paper receipts.

It all starts when you see that the box you throw all your receipts into is overflowing and you decide that you can’t face sorting it out. You contact me and we discuss your requirements.

I come and collect the box and take it away. The next time you see it, the receipts are sorted in date order, ready to hand to your accountant at year end! Brilliant!


So, how does it work?

You contact me and ask for help sorting out your box of receipts. We discuss how you want your receipts dealt with.

Collect and Sort

I collect the box and take it away to my office. There, I have a large table where I begin sorting the receipts into months and then into date order. If a document is still in the envelope it arrived in, I’ll open it and add the contents to the correct month on my table. 


Once that is done, I make a record of the receipts in a format that suits your needs. It could be an Excel spreadsheet that simply lists the receipt details (date, amount, payment type, to whom etc), it could be a double entry cash book or it could be some other system. This record can be printed and returned with the receipts or emailed to you.


Lastly, I file the receipts. Again, this is according to your preference. You might want each receipt to be punched and filed in a ring binder or maybe you would prefer all receipts for a particular month in a separate plastic pocket. We would have decided this in our initial discussion. 

Once everything is sorted, filed and recorded I bring the box back to you.


It’s a never ending cycle so some people like to use this service every quarter while others like to leave it longer. It works as a one off too, by helping you get on top of the backlog and enabling you to start afresh. I aim to make this process as painless as I can so you can get on with other things. 

If you like the sound of my Receipt Sorting Service, please get in touch to discuss how I can work with you.