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5 Reasons why you need a Virtual Assistant

5 Reasons why you need a Virtual Assistant

Most small business owners and entrepreneurs have thought about whether or not to hire additional help. The need to delegate repetitive administrative tasks is a common problem whether you are just starting out, looking to expand, or simply need to become more organised and efficient.

Knowing you want help is easy, but deciding how to get it can be a little more daunting. Is it better to hire in-house or do you need a Virtual Assistant? Is a VA cost effective? What are the real benefits to the business and the user if you hire a Virtual Assistant?

Here are 5 ways a Virtual Assistant can have a positive impact on your business and your work-life balance.

1. A Virtual Assistant saves you money…

If you earn £50 an hour, but you are using your time to do tasks that could easily be delegated to someone else for £20 an hour, then you are losing money. A Virtual Assistant can free you to spend those hours on the important work that only you can do.

2. A Virtual Assistant saves you time…

Is your time taken up by endless emailing and organising your diary? These types of task can account for up to 1/5 of your working day. That equates to one full day every week! Delegating to a Virtual Assistant could give you more time to spend on making more sales or connecting with more people. Both of which will benefit your business. You could even spend the time studying, going to the gym or going out for lunch.

3. A VA is less hassle than on-site office staff…

There is no doubt that some tasks need to be done on-site, but there are also many that can be done from a different location. Hiring a VA means you don’t need to go through the rigmarole of advertising, interviewing, hiring and training an employee. The new employee is then put on the payroll and office space needs to be found. Because a Virtual Assistant is freelance, these costly and time consuming necessities are removed.

4. There when you need support and not when you don’t…

You might be thinking that you only need support at certain times, so it would not be cost effective to employ full time office staff. Maybe your business has really busy periods and relatively quiet periods. The support offered by a VA is adjustable to suit your needs. You might benefit from a couple of hours a week, or only need occasional one-off help.

5. A VA helps increase productivity and reduce burn out…

When you run your own business you have to do it all yourself. This can leave you with the feeling that although you have had a busy week, you didn’t seem to get much done. When you think back you realise that you spent a long time organising travel and accommodation for a business trip. A VA could do this for you so that you can concentrate on the reason for the trip. Perhaps you did a lot of research for a report or presentation and spent ages trolling through reams of information before finding the most relevant pieces. A VA could do the initial research and pick out the most relevant information for you to use. Having a VA tackle the small, initial tasks lets you focus on the big picture, be more productive and feel less stressed.

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